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Got2Give is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2002 by Alissa Magrum and Tammy Stanley, based on their shared philosophy that everyone has something to give - whether it’s time, energy, money, love, laughter, compassion - the list is truly endless.

Got2Give's mission is to creatively engage in activities, organize projects and events that benefit charitable organizations and their causes in the Austin community and beyond. 

To date, Got2Give has supported two major initiatives - Texas TrailFest and the Wish List Jersey Project, as well as, countless charity bike rides, runs, walks and events that have raised thousand of dollars for local and national non-profit organizations including Communities In Schools - Central Texas, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Susan G. Komen Foundation, The Breast Cancer Fund, American Diabetes Association and various AIDS organizations in Dallas, Austin and around the country.

It is now June of 2009 and we are in the process of putting together another printing of the Wish List Jersey.  There are no current plans to an another Texas TrailFest event, although it is not completely out of the question.  We have through the years continued to do events and raise money for various local and national non-profit organizations and will continue that.  Alissa ran the Austin Marathon in February benefiting Communities In Schools - Central Texas, we just completed the 2 day Tour de Cure bike ride benefiting the American Diabetes Association and we will be doing many more events throughout the year for various causes close to our hearts.  So get out there and do your thing and GIVE, it is amazing what can happen as a result!

Click here for Volunteer Opportunities in Central Texas >>

Check back soon for a list of volunteer opportunities and charity events that we will be participating in throughout the year!


Give TIME • Give  ENERGY • Give  MONEY • Give  IDEAS • Give  LOVE • Give  LAUGHTER • Give of YOURSELF! JUST GIVE.

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