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wish list jersey project

Update Weds Feb 9th 2011:  We are SOLD OUT of all XLarge jerseys.  We are currently updating our inventory as to all sizes still in stock.  At this time we have no re-print scheduled, however, when we completely sell out we will post this info and begin taking orders for another printing.

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The original sketch for the design was created by world famous artist Brian Andreas of StoryPeople and adapted for a cycling jersey by Tammy. Brian donated the rights to the design for us to use as a fundraising tool . Brian created the original drawing and wrote the story for the jersey after reading our stories that we sent him via email about our AIDS ride experiences.

This sentiment truly defines the AIDS Rides and many charity bike rides, runs, walks and races. The artwork brings to life the vision of a sea of beautiful jerseys that speak so eloquently about the charity ride, run or race experience.  We have had many people, not just cyclists, buy the Wish List jersey because it speaks to them and describes an experience they have had biking, running, walking, swimming etc. for a cause in memory of someone they love that could not be with them on their journey.
(Photo  left: Alissa Magrum, Tammy Stanley & Ella Magrum-Stanley)

Click here to read comments from people about the "Wish List" Story at www.storypeople.com

Below is the "Wish List" story which is quoted on the back of the jersey: 

"I wish you could have been there for the sun and the rain and the long hard hills. For the sound of a thousand conversations scattered along the road. For the people laughing & crying & remembering at the end.

But mainly, I wish you could have been there."


"Between 1991 and 1994 I lost ten close friends to AIDS. I miss them and all of the light they brought into my life when they were walking the planet. There is not a day goes by that I do not "Wish" they could be here with me...so in honor and memory of Tracy, Jim , Bryan, Emerson, Michael, Stephen, Ed, James, Tim and Bobby we continue to help those whose lives are affected by AIDS and to give to others in need. In 1998 I began riding my bike across Texas, then across California and Alaska to raise awareness and funds to support of those with AIDS and research to find a cure.  The Wish List jersey was started as fundraising tool and quickly became a part of mine and many others, healing process.  It continues to be a part of that healing as I grieve the loss of  our sweet nephew Zachary in June of 2008 and my dad who passed away suddenly in November.  Alissa and I recently rode in the Tour de Cure bike ride which benefits the American Diabetes Association and we rode both days in the Wish List jersey with a photo of me and my dad pinned to the back under the story...that one was for him.  I know for me giving of myself heals my heart...the Wish List jersey allows us to give and help others find a way to give, as well."  Tammy Stanley

"In 1998, I fundraised and rode my very heavy mountain bike 350 miles from North Carolina to DC in the Washington DC AIDS Ride. I got involved to honor my friend, John who was HIV Positive at the time. After that ride, I moved to Texas and immediately got involved in the Texas AIDS Ride, where I met Tammy.  Then came the creation of the Wish List Jersey. For 3 years, we sold jerseys and raised money for many charitable organizations and causes.  We took a break. Then 2008 proved to be a tough year for us. The unexpected deaths of our 7 year old nephew, Zachary and Tammy's Dad caused the Wish List Jersey to resurface. I have been searching for a way to grieve these losses with a vehicle that could honor the spirit of those we have lost.  I know that by sharing Wish List and furthering its pure mission--many will be healed. So all that being said, we have no idea where this Wish List journey will take us but know that many (including ourselves) will find peace." Alissa Magrum

In 2000, we pedaled across 3 states in the California AIDS Ride, the Alaska AIDS Vaccine Ride, and the Texas AIDS Ride raising thousands of dollars for AIDS services and vaccine research and are proud to be a part of the creation of this jersey.  In years since we have ventured outside the realm of just road biking into mountain biking, duathlons, triathlons, adventure racing, running and we created our own mountain biking charity event called Texas Trailfest www.texastrailfest.com

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A total of 1,600 jerseys have been printed and sold and over $56,000 raised for various charities both local and nationwide including Communities In Schools - Central Texas, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Susan G. Komen Foundation, The Breast Cancer Fund, American Diabetes Foundation and various AIDS organizations in Dallas, Austin and around the country.  People from all over the country and the world are part of the Wish List family.  Texas, California, New York, Colorado, Washington D.C., Georgia, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Minnesota, Maryland, Florida, Virginia, Alabama, Utah, South Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maine, Montana, Missouri, Connecticut, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

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Click here to read comments from people about the "Wish List" Story


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